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Can I Blog Anonymously?

Yes, you can blog anonymously

There are two places people can work out who you are:

  1. On the blog itself, if you use your real name, or otherwise make it obvious who you are.
  2. In your "WHOIS" information. All domain names can be searched through, at various WHOIS websites, to find the contact details for that domain name. If you choose to use the host I recommend, make sure you sign up for Domain Privacy when you sign up.

When should you blog anonymously?

More and more information about people is appearing online all the time. Whether you like it or not, other people will mention you online. There's almost no way of removing all this information about yourself, and anyone can search for your name in Google. Future employers and friends will probably find the information you're writing today. That can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Rather than trying to never say anything about yourself online, take the approach of controlling what is said about you – by saying it yourself. Most writing will reflect positively on you, and will be what people find when they search for you.

If you're writing something controversial, political, or personal, I'd recommend using a pen name. If you're writing about anything else (family, travel, hobbies etc), use your real name.

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