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Can I Blog for a Living?

It's not easy

Advertising on your blog can make money, but for each visitor who comes to your site, you can expect to make a few cents on average, at best. Because of this, you'll need to attract thousands of visitors to your blog every day, if you want to make a living from blogging. In order to attract this amount of traffic, you'll need to create a very large, high-quality site. For anyone with serious commitment and passion, this is certainly achievable, but it means at least a few years of writing high-quality material.

I often receive emails saying "I want to supplement my income" or "I just got fired, and need money." If this is you, please don't bother with blogging.


If your blog is a huge resource of great writing, that visitors enjoy reading, people will link to your posts from their own blogs. Google will see those links as a sign that your blog must be good. It will rank your blog posts highly in its search results, and more people will click on them.

With enough high-ranking blog posts in Google, each bringing in a trickle of visitors, you'll be able to get the kind of traffic you need, in order to live off your blog.

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