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I hope this site has answered some of the questions you have about blogging. If you feel you're ready to set up your own blog, just follow these instructions.

Go to the FatCow website, and sign up. (Make sure you use this link. It's a link to the page with the discounted price.)

Click on Control Panel, if you're not already there.

Click on WordPress, then Install, then Complete.

Click Site URL.

Voila. You have a blog. Just click "Log In".

Create a Blog

This site was launched on 22 January 2013, by me, Daniel Piechnick. I'm a professional web designer, and spend a lot of time helping beginners set up websites and blogs. I understand how confusing it can be for beginners to this field, and have used this experience to try to write a set of articles that tells beginners what they need to know about blogging, in as few words as possible.

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Please note that I can't provide technical support, or help with already-existing blogs.

I'm always happy to receive feedback. If Create a Blog has helped you, please consider putting a link to on your site.

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