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Introduction to Blogging

Should I create a blog?


The first thing you need to understand is what a blog is and isn't for.

The fundamental thing that makes a blog different from other websites is the concept of time. A blog is a journal of ongoing, up-to-date commentary, organised by time. A website is a collection of information that's organised by category, not by time. Writing daily about your experiences on your farm is blogging. Writing about how to run an efficient farm is not blogging.

Because the concept of time is all that separates blogs and websites, they're essentially the same thing. Your site can have both a blog page and normal website pages.

You can still use the advice on this site, even if you realise you actually want a website and not a blog.

Don't blog to promote something

A blog isn't a good place to get traffic you can funnel to some other business, website, or product. It's too much work. You're better off promoting that thing directly, on its own website, or through social media. If you try to set up a blog for the purposes of promotion, you'll end up putting more work into the blog than into whatever you're promoting.

Is it easy to blog?

Yes, it's very easy to blog, regardless of how you go about it. I go into details in other articles on this site.

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