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What Should I Write About?

Write about whatever interests you most

Write about something you're passionate about, and will continue to be passionate about. That's the key to staying motivated and writing great material. If you just think having your own blog might be cool, or if you fancy yourself jumping onto a bandwagon of easy money, you'll get nowhere, and give up.

If you're just blogging casually, or for friends or family, that's fine. But if you want to write high-quality material for a broader audience, a blog needs to be the outlet for a great interest you have, not just a topic you only deal with because of your blog.

You also need to focus your site on a single topic.

Staying motivated

There's one issue that dwarfs all others when blogging, and that's motivation. 60% of all blogs are abandoned by their author within the first month.

Go into blogging mindful that perseverence will be your biggest challenge. You need to have a proper system for getting out regular writing, tailored to your own changing levels of enthusiasm.

  1. Have a list of ideas for blog posts. Never let this well run dry. Jot down ideas any time you think of them.
  2. Post on your blog every day.
  3. Even better, write a few blog posts ahead while you're feeling motivated, and just post one of them each day. Keep this backlog of posts topped up.
  4. Involve yourself in other blogs or forums. These discussions are a great source of ideas, and will get you noticed by other bloggers.

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